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The prettiest pumpkin ever

Bob thought his Cinderella pumpkins were the prettiest pumpkins ever until he saw these heirloom varieties at the Farmer’s Market. 


The two in front are pumpkins he plans to grow next year, with one of his Cinderella pumpkins behind. 


This is the Australian butter pumpkin, small and pale orange.  Instead of a smooth ridged pumpkin skin, the Australian butter looks like it had acne in its youth.


This is the Jarrahdale pumpkin, from the town of Jarrahdale, New Zealand.   It’s much heavier than the other pumpkins.  It’s supposed to have golden, sweet and nonstringy flesh.  It’s truly a lovely shade of grey green.  Prettiest ever.

{The word “squash” is from askutasquash (a green thing eaten raw), a word from the Narragansett language  (documented by Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island,  in his 1643 publication A Key Into the Language of America).}